Weiss Manfred WM-23


1st Flight 1941

Staff: 1 person

Length :9.12 m

Span :9.6 m

Wing surface: 18.5 m²

Height: 3.3 m

Weight: 2200/2600 kg (empty state/maximum take-off mass)

Engine: one WM-K-14B 14-cylinder air-cooled two-wreath star engine.

Maximum speed:

Armament: 2 synchronized 12.7mm heavy machine guns in the fuselage, 2 8mm high-speed machine guns in the wing, 20kg bomb load

Peak height:



The WM-23 Silver Arrow is a Hungarian-designed, closed cabin, single-seat fighter aircraft manufactured by Weiss Manfred Aircraft Factory.

The aircraft was designed by Béla Samu and his design team.

Planning began in the summer of 1939.

The WM-K-14B, Two-Wreath Star engine, A copy of the French Gnome-Rhône 14Kfrs Mistral Major, was intended to be its production engine at the Weiss Manfred factory.

A single prototype was built, this aircraft was destroyed in a test flight accident in 1942.

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