Wackett Widgeon


1st Flight 1925

Crew: one

Capacity: three

Length: 29 ft 6.75 in (9.0107 m)

Upper wingspan: 29 ft 3.75 in (8.9345 m)

Lower wingspan: 29 ft 3.75 in (8.9345 m)

Height: 14 ft 0.75 in (4.29 m) to tip of propeller

Wing area: 424.3 sq ft (39.42 m2)

Empty weight: 2,900 lb (1,315 kg)

Gross weight: 3,960 lb (1,796 kg)

Fuel capacity: 44 gallons

Powerplant: 1 × ADC Nimbus 6-cylinder inline water-cooled engine, 300 hp (220 kW)

Propellers: 4-bladed wooden, 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m) diameter


Maximum speed: 103 mph (166 km/h, 90 kn) at sea level

Endurance: 3 hours

Service ceiling: 11,000 ft (3,353 m)


The Wackett Widgeon seaplanes were built by the Experimental Section of the RAAF at Randwick, NSW during the mid- to late-1920s.

They were single-engined amphibious biplanes of wooden construction.

Although only two were built, they featured in several newsworthy aviation events of the time.

Widgeon I – original version with capacity for two crew and four passengers (one produced)

Widgeon II – improved and enlarged version with capacity for two crew and six passengers (one produced)

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