1st Flight 1933

Modification T.7

Wingspan, m 10.80

Length, m 6.90

Height, m 2.82

Wing area, m2 30.00

Weight, kg     

Maximum take-off 1450

Engine type 1 DD Lorraine 9N Algol

Power, hp 1 x 300

Top speed, km/h 226

Cruise speed, km/h 195

Flight duration, h.min 3.15

Practical ceiling, m 6500

Crew, 2


The Belgian Air Force was looking for a new training aircraft, (LACAB) created the T-7 model.

The plane was tested in 1933 along with the Avro 626 at Evere.

The Avro was selected as the aircraft of choice and the T-7 was bought by the Military Aviation school at the Evere Air Force Base.

During 1934, the LACAB T-7 was written off on May 31st, 1935.

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