Fokker M1 / M2 / M3 / M2 Spin


1st Flight 1911

Crew: 2

Length: 8.25 m (27 ft 1 in)

Wingspan: 13.2 m (43 ft 4 in)

Height: 2.97 m (9 ft 9 in)

Empty weight: 374 kg (825 lb)

Gross weight: 574 kg (1,265 lb)

Fuel capacity: Fuel and oil 40 kg (88 lb)

Powerplant: 1 × Argus As I 4-cylinder water-cooled in-line piston engine, 75 kW (100 hp)


Maximum speed: 100 km/h (62 mph, 54 kn)

Cruise speed: 90 km/h (56 mph, 49 kn)

Range: 120 km (75 mi, 65 nmi)


The M.1 was a two-seat monoplane built in small numbers as the M.3.

It was first flown in 1911 and by 1913 had been transferred to military flying schools.

The M.2 was a true military version of the Spin.

The airplane had a 75 kW (100 hp) Argus or Mercedes engine and was capable of 97 km/h (60 mph).

The ten M.2s ordered for 299,880 Marks included 10 Daimler trucks to move the aircraft with the Army, per plans of the German General Staff at the time.

The M.2 was a much refined aircraft with a streamlined fuselage, first flown in 1912.

The M.4 was developed from the M.3, and included a nose wheel. It did not gain further sales.

From 1912 to 1913, a total of 25 Fokker Spins were built, used mostly for pilot training.

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