Boeing CH-47 Chinook


Rotor Diameter-18.29 m (60 ft)

Length with Rotors Operating-30.14 m (98 ft, 10.7 in)

Fuselage-15.46 m (50 ft, 9 in)

Height-5.68 m (18 ft, 7.8 in)

Fuselage Width-3.78 m (12 ft, 5 in)

Fuel Capacity-3914 litres (1034 gallons)

Maximum Speed-302 km/h (170 KTAS)

Cruise Speed-291 km/h (157 KTAS)

Mission Radius-200 nm (370.4km)

Service Ceiling-6,096 m (20,000 ft)

Max Gross Weight-22,680 kg (50,000 lbs)

Useful Load-24,000 lbs (10,886 kg)


The Chinook is a true multi-role, vertical-lift platform. Its primary mission is transport of troops, artillery, equipment, and fuel.

The current CH-47F/MH-47G modernization programs will ensure this tandem rotor helicopter remains in the Army fleet through the 2030s.

Chinook is the helicopter of choice for humanitarian disaster-relief operations, in missions such as transportation of relief supplies and mass evacuation of refugees.

Chinooks serve the armed forces of 19 countries around the world.

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