AISA - Huarte Mendicoa HM-1

1st Flight 1943

Military Users- Spanish Air Force.


The Huarte Mendicoa HM-1 also known as the INTA HM.1, was a 1940s Spanish primary trainer designed by the Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeronáutica (INTA) and built for them by Aeronáutica Industrial S.A. (AISA).

The HM.1 was designed by INTA as a two-seat primary training monoplane with a fixed tail wheel landing gear.


It was followed by a number of similar aircraft with equipment and accommodation changes.

The last of the family was the HM.7 built in 1947 which was an enlarged four-seat version powered by a 240 hp (179 kW) Argus As 10C engine, the HM.7 was the last powered aircraft designed by the Institute.



HM.1, HM.2, HM.3, HM.5, HM.7, HM.9.



Crew: 2

Length: 7.65 m (25 ft 0 in)

Wingspan: 9.65 m (31 ft 8 in)

Height: 2.20 m (7 ft 2.25 in)

Wing area: 14 m2 (150.6 sq ft)

Empty weight: 620 kg (1,364 lb)

Gross weight: 850 kg (1,870 lb)


Power plant: 1 × Elizalde G-IV-B Tigre 4-cylinder four-cylinder linear motor , 110 kW (150 hp)


Maximum speed: 230 km/h (142.8 mph, 124.1 kn)

Cruise speed: 195 km/h (121 mph, 105 kn)

Endurance: 3 hours 30 minutes

Service ceiling: 5,000 m (16,400 ft)



Jane’s Fighting Aircraft of World War II- Leonard Bridgman.


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