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Zlin Z XV

The Zlin Z XV, manufactured by Zlínská letecká společnost (ZLAS), served as the final pre-war aircraft produced by the company.

This light multi-purpose aircraft was designed to cater to various needs, including sports, tourism, and training purposes, for both civilian and military pilots.

The Z.XV was a two-seat wooden low-wing aircraft, equipped with a Zlin Toma 4 engine generating 105 hp (77 kW).

The design of this aircraft was the brainchild of František Pospíšil.

Prior to the German annexation of Czechoslovakia, the Z.XV successfully completed its maiden flight.

It underwent testing under the supervision of Luftwaffe officers, who expressed overall satisfaction with its performance.

Consequently, ZLAS proceeded to manufacture an additional unit.

These two Z.XVs were subsequently utilized as training aircraft in flight schools within occupied Czechoslovakia.
1 & 1 student
7.2 m
Wing area
13.05 m2
Empty weight
510 kg
Max take-off weight
780 kg
1 × Zlin Toma 4 engine
105 hp
Maximum speed
230 km/h
Cruise speed
205 km/h
800 km
Service ceiling
5,400 m
Zlins, Typenschau No.3-Detlef Billig.


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