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Zlin Z 43 / Z 143

The Zlín Z 43 is a Czech-built light aircraft that accommodates up to four passengers.

It is a derivative of the Zlín Z 42, a two-seater aircraft, and features a low-wing monoplane design.

The Zlín Z 143, an enhanced version of the Z 43, is still being manufactured.

Following the successful production of the Z-26 aircraft family, Moravan, a Czechoslovak aircraft manufacturer, embarked on the design of a new series of training aircraft, which became known as the Z-40 family.

Unlike its predecessor, the Z-40 family featured a side-by-side cockpit configuration.

The family comprised of two basic variants: the Zlín Z-42, a two-seat trainer, and the Zlin Z-43, a four-seat aircraft that could be used both as a trainer and a tourer.

The final design is an all-metal, low-wing monoplane with a single engine and a fixed nosewheel undercarriage.

The Z 43 model shares 80% of its structure with the Z 42 but features a modified fuselage that can accommodate up to four passengers and a more powerful engine.

The wings of the Z-43 have a greater span and lack the slight forward sweep of the Z-42.

The Z-43 aircraft made its inaugural flight on 10th December 1968, followed by the commencement of production in 1972.

However, it did not garner as much popularity as its two-seat counterpart, resulting in the discontinuation of production in 1977 after the completion of 80 aircraft.

In 1992, a modified version known as the Z-143 was introduced.

This variant was equipped with a six-cylinder Lycoming O-540 engine.

Simultaneously, the Z-42 model underwent a re-engineering process, incorporating a Lycoming engine to transform into the Z-242 model.


Zlín Z-43

Base model

Zlín Z-43L

Experimental model with Lycoming AE10540 D4B5 engine.

Has noticeable short engine cowling.

Only one was built in 1990.

It was converted back to stock Z 43 after 307 flight hours in 1998.

Zlín Z-43M

Experimental model.

Only one was built.

Zlín Z-143

Improved model

Aeronautical Manufacturing Enterprise Safir-43

An Algerian licence-built copy of the Zlín Z-43


Z 43




3 passengers


7.75 m (25 ft 5 in)


9.76 m (32 ft 0 in)


2.91 m (9 ft 7 in)

Wing area

14.50 m2 (156.1 sq ft)

Empty weight

730 kg (1,609 lb)

Max take-off weight

1,350 kg (2,976 lb)

Fuel capacity

130 L (34 US gal; 29 imp gal) normal,

Provision for additional 110 L (29 US gal; 24 imp gal) tanks in wingtips


1 × Avia M 337 A inverted six-cylinder air-cooled inline engine,

160 kW (210 hp)


Maximum speed

235 km/h (146 mph, 127 kn) at sea level

Cruise speed

210 km/h (130 mph, 110 kn)

Stall speed

103 km/h (64 mph, 56 kn) (flaps down)

Never exceed speed

273 km/h (170 mph, 147 kn)


610 km (380 mi, 330 nmi) (standard fuel),

1,150 km (710 mi; 620 nmi) (with wingtip tanks)

Service ceiling

3,800 m (12,500 ft)

Rate of climb

3.5 m/s (690 ft/min)

Take-off distance to 15 m (50 ft)

700 m (2,300 ft)

Landing distance to 15 m (50 ft)

590 m (1,940 ft).


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