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Zaparka Doppeldecker

Zaparka Doppdecker

Prior to Eduard Zaparka departing for Phönix Flugzeugwerke AG in 1917, he conceived his own fighter design.

This aircraft, known as the Doppdecker (Versuchdoppdecker), was a diminutive single-seater wooden biplane, featuring an assortment of support mats of varying dimensions and a circular fuselage.

Powered by an 80-horsepower recovery French Gnome & Rhône radial engine, the machine underwent testing in 1917.

However, due to the inadequacy of its low-power engine, the aircraft failed to exhibit satisfactory flight characteristics.

Regrettably, by the time these shortcomings were identified, engineer Zaparka had already departed for Phönix Flugzeugwerke AG, rendering it impossible to rectify the fighter’s deficiencies.

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