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Zaparka Doppeldecker

Zaparka Doppdecker

Before Eduard Zaparka left for Phönix Flugzeugwerke AG in 1917, he designed his own fighter aircraft.

This plane, known as the Doppdecker (Versuchdoppdecker), was a small single-seat wooden biplane with various support struts and a round fuselage.

It was equipped with an 80-horsepower salvaged French Gnome & Rhône radial engine and was tested in 1917.

Unfortunately, the aircraft’s low-powered engine was inadequate, resulting in unsatisfactory flight performance.

By the time these issues were recognised, Zaparka had already moved to Phönix Flugzeugwerke AG, making it impossible to address the fighter’s flaws.


Austro-Hungarian Army Aircraft of World War One-P Grosz, G Haddow & P Shiemer.

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