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Republic XP-47H

In 1943, two P-47D-15-RE airframes were selected for testing with the new experimental 2300 hp Chrysler XIV-2220-1 sixteen-cylinder inverted Vee liquid-cooled engine.

These aircraft were redesignated XP-47H.

The liquid-cooled Chrysler engine with its large under-fuselage radiator radically changed the appearance of the Thunderbolt and increased overall length to 39 feet 2 inches.

With the increased power and improved streamlining, a maximum speed of 490 mph was anticipated.

Although the project had begun in August 1943, the two P-47D-15-RE airframes were not actually converted until 1945.

Test flights began on July 26, 1945.

One of the XP-47Hs actually attained a speed of 490 mph in level flight during flight trials.

The Chrysler XIV-2220 engine never achieved production and the advent of jet propulsion killed any further USAAF interest in the development of even faster piston-engine fighters.

Consequently, no further work was undertaken on the XP-47H project.











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