Percival P.74

This Failed to get off the ground.

The Percival P.74 which was later called the Hunting Percival P.74, was a British experimental helicopter designed in the 1950s that was based on the use of tip-jet powered rotors.

Although innovative, the tip-rotor concept literally failed to get off the ground in the P.74, doomed by its inadequate power source.

Rather than being modified, the P.74 was towed off the airfield and scrapped.





8 passengers

Max take-off weight

7,750 lb (3,515 kg)

Fuel capacity

170 imp gal (770 l; 200 US gal)


2 × Napier NOr.1 Oryx single-shaft turbine gas generators, 750 hp (560 kW) each gas horsepower

Main rotor diameter

55 ft (17 m)


Maximum speed

110 mph (180 km/h, 96 kn)

Cruise speed

111 mph (178 km/h, 96 kn)


330 mi (530 km, 290 nmi)

Service ceiling

27,985 ft (8,530 m).

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