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Oertz W.6 Flugschooner

The German designer of racing yachts Max Oertz was not only a talented engineer, but also a loyalist of his majesty, Kaiser Wilhelm II.

At the beginning of the First World War, he decided to combine his trade with the interests of the Kaiser in mind.

He began to create flying boats.

During the war, Mr Oertz’s company built approximately a dozen flying boats, the strangest of which was the sixth model the W.6 Flugschooner.

The engines, two Maybach Mb.IV on 240l.s, were hidden in the hull of the boat, this was so that the motogondol did not create additional resistance.

Its maximum speed did not exceed 115-118km/h, which was slow, this would have made it easy for fighters to shoot it down despite having two mobile machine guns for self-defence.

The German fleet took the aircraft and put it in to service as a scout, despite all its strangeness, the aircraft operated very successfully.

After the war, the Versailles Treaty, banned Germany from aviation almost in general.

Max Oertz returned to his passion of building and sailing yachts.


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