IAR 99 Soim

The IAR 99 Șoim is an advanced trainer and light attack aircraft capable of performing close air support and reconnaissance missions.

The aircraft is of semi-monocoque design, with tapered wings and a swept-back tail unit.

A large blade-type antenna installed beneath the nose on the port side of the fuselage gives the IAR 99 trainer a distinctive appearance.


IAR 99 “Standard”

Initial variant designed as a lead-in trainer for the IAR-93.

IAR 109 “Swift”

In 1992 an upgrade program was started in partnership with IAI Lahav of Israel, for both Romanian Air Force use and export.

Aircraft number 7003 was equipped with HOTAS (Hands On Throttle and Stick) controls in both cockpits, a wide-angle HUD (Head-Up Display) with Up Front Control Panel in the front cockpit, two 3 inch displays in both cockpits, a ring laser gyro Inertial Navigation System (INS), as well as the integration of both Eastern and Western weapon systems on the aircraft.

The aircraft was displayed at the 1993 Paris Air Show and flew at Asian Aerospace in 1994.

A prospective sale of 10 aircraft to Botswana was blocked in parliament, ending the collaboration with IAI.

The aircraft was converted back to Standard configuration and delivered to the centre for flight research and testing (CCIZ).

As late as 2009 it still retained it’s “Swift” styled paint scheme and logo.

IAR 99 C “Șoim”

Upgraded variant using an Elbit Systems avionics package.


Technical demonstrator under development.





11.01 m (36 ft 1 in)


9.85 m (32 ft 4 in)


3.9 m (12 ft 10 in)

Wing area

18.71 m2 (201.4 sq ft)

Aspect ratio



NACA 641A-214 (modified)

Empty weight

3,200 kg (7,055 lb) equipped

Max take-off weight

4,400 kg (9,700 lb) Trainer; 5,560 kg (12,260 lb) Ground attack

Fuel capacity

Internal, 1,370 l (360 US gal; 300 imp gal);

External: up to 450 l (120 US gal; 99 imp gal) (in 225 l (59 US gal; 49 imp gal) drop tanks)


1 × Turbomecanica/Rolls-Royce Viper Mk632-41M turbojet, 17.79 kN (4,000 lbf) thrust


Maximum speed

865 km/h (537 mph, 467 kn) trainer, clean

Maximum speed

Mach 0.76


1,100 km (680 mi, 590 nmi) Trainer with internal fuel;

Ground attack with internal fuel 967 km (601 mi; 522 nmi)

Combat range

345 km (214 mi, 186 nmi) hi-lo-hi at 5,280 kg (11,640 lb)all-up weight

Service ceiling

12,900 m (42,300 ft)

G limits

+7 / -3.6

Rate of climb

35 m/s (6,900 ft/min) at Sea level

Wing loading

235.2 kg/m2 (48.2 lb/sq ft) Trainer; 297.2 kg/m2 (60.9 lb/sq ft) Ground attack


2.42 trainer; 3.06 ground attack



1 × 23 mm Gryazev Shipunov GSh-23L auto cannon


4 under wing hardpoints capable of holding 250 kg each and 1 central hardpoint capable of holding 400 kg with a capacity of up to 450 kg (990 lb) of stores (the underwing hardpoints are wet capable of carrying 225l drop tanks),


LPR 57


R-60 air-to-air missile

Python AAM

R.550 Magic AAM


BEM 250

BE 100

BE 50

Mk 82 general-purpose bomb

Opher infrared-guided bomb

Laser-guided bombs.



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