GAF Nomad

The GAF Nomad is a utility aircraft produced by the Government Aircraft Factories (GAF) of Australia.

The Notable users of the Nomad are/were:

The Philippine Air Force, Papua New Guinea Defence Force, Royal Thai Air Force, Royal Thai Navy, the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, the Australian Army and the Australian Customs Service and the Indonesian Navy Aviation Service.

The Australian military withdrew almost all of its remaining Nomads amid reports of safety concerns during the 1990s.

By the 21st century, only a handful of aircraft remained in regular use in Australia.

GippsAero (Mahindra Aviation) acquired its type certificate in 2008 and plans to produce it again as the GA18.


N.2 Nomad

Prototype, two built.


Initial production version for 12 passengers for the Australian Army.


13 passenger civil version.


Cargo variant modified from N.22B with Maximum Take-off Weight increased to 4,050 kilograms (8,930 lb).

N.22F Float Master

Floatplane version with Wipline floats.


Utility transport aircraft with a fuselage lengthened by 1.14 m (3.7 ft).


Improved version for 17 passengers.


Re-engineered 18-seat N24 in development by GippsAero.

Nomad Mission Master

Military transport and utility aircraft.

Nomad Search Master

Maritime patrol and surveillance aircraft.

Nomad N.22 Search Master B

Coastal patrol aircraft.

Nomad N.22 Search Master L

Improved version of the Search Master B.

Nomad N.22 Search Master LI

Improved version of the Search Master B, fitted with the APS-104(N) 2 radar.

Nomad N.22 Search Master LII

Improved version of the Search Master B, fitted with the APS-104(V) 5 radar.





18 ft 2in / 5.52m


54 ft 2in / 16.46 m

Wing Area 

324 sq.ft / 30.1 m2, 9:1 AR,


41 ft 3in / 12.57m

Cabin length 

17 ft 7in / 5.34m

Cab. Height / Width 

5 ft 2in, 4 ft 3in / 1.57m, 1.28m

Cab. Volume 

360 cu.ft / 10.2 cu.m


58 cu.ft / 1.64 cu/m


8,500 lb (3,856 kg)

Usable fuel 

268 US gal (1,010 L)

Empty weight 

4,730 lb / 2,150 kg


168 knots / 311 km/h

Minimum control speed 

66 kn (122 km/h)


730nmi / 1352 km,


8 h at 140kt / 259 km/h, FL50

Climb rate 

1,460 ft/min / 7.4 m/s       


25,000 ft (7,600 m)

2 Turboprop 

Allison 250B17B/C

2 Power 

400–420 hp (300–310 kW)

2 Propeller 

Hartzell 3-blade, 90.63 in (2,302 mm) diam.

Take-off to 50 ft

1,050 ft / 320m

Landing from 50 ft

740 ft / 226m.




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