Fouga CM.170 Magister

The Fouga CM.170 Magister is a 1950s French two seat jet trainer aircraft.

Due to industrial mergers, the aircraft has been also known as the Potez CM.170 Magister, Sud Aviation CM.170 Magister and Aérospatiale CM.170 Magister, depending on where and when they were built.



A proposed lightweight version of the CM.170R for operation from grass or makeshift runways.

CM.170 Magister

Three prototypes and 10 pre-production aircraft.

CM.170M Magister

Two prototypes for the French Aéronavale


Initial production version of the Magister.

CM.170-1 Magister

First production version with Turbomeca Marboré II engines, these were built in West Germany, Finland and Israel.

CM.170-2 Magister

Uprated Marboré VI engines with 4.7 kN (1,055 lbf) thrust each.

CM.171 Makalu

Enlarged airframe, Turbomeca Gabizo engines with 10.8 kN (2,422 lbf) thrust each, the only prototype lost in an accident on 20 March 1957

CM.173 Super Magister/ Potez 94

Marboré Super VI engines with 5.1 kN (1,143 lbf) thrust each and ejection seats; one prototype built.

CM.175 Zéphyr

A shipboard trainer for the Aéronavale, with strengthened undercarriage, catapult attachments and arrestor hook.

Potez CM.191

4-seat version of the Magister; two prototypes built.

IAI Tzukit


AMIT Fouga

– Israeli Air Force version, updated with new cockpit, composite materials

Fouga 90/90A

Development based on the CM.170 with Turbomeca Astafan engines with 7.6 kN (1,715 lbf) thrust each, reshaped canopy for better visibility, and upgraded avionics.

One prototype built.





10.06 m (33 ft 0 in)


12.15 m (39 ft 10 in) (over tip tanks)


2.80 m (9 ft 2 in)

Wing area

17.30 m2 (186.2 sq ft)

Aspect ratio



NACA 64 Series

Empty weight

2,150 kg (4,740 lb)

Gross weight

2,850 kg (6,283 lb) (without tip tanks)

Max take-off weight

3,200 kg (7,055 lb)

Fuel capacity

730 L (190 US gal; 160 imp gal) internal fuel

980 L (260 US gal; 220 imp gal) with tip tanks


2 × Turbomeca Marboré IIA turbojets, 3.9 kN (880 lbf) thrust each


Maximum speed

715 km/h (444 mph, 386 kn) at 30,000 ft (9,100 m)

Never exceed speed

860 km/h (530 mph, 460 kn) (Mach 0.82)


1,200 km (750 mi, 650 nmi) (with external tanks)


2 hr 40 min (with external tanks)

Service ceiling

11,000 m (36,000 ft)

Rate of climb

16.99 m/s (3,345 ft/min) (without tip tanks)

Take-off distance to 15 m (50 ft)

930 m (3,050 ft)


2× 7.5 mm or 7.62 mm machine guns, 200 rounds/gun

Up to 140 kg (310 lb) of weapons on two underwing hardpoints, including 50 kg (110 lb) bombs, unguided rockets and Nord Aviation SS.11 anti-tank missiles.



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