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Fokker V.22

Fokker V.22

The V.22 was a D.VII prototype fitted with a four-bladed propeller, designed for the Austrians.

As the aircraft was designed for Austria, it was fitted with the 6-cylinder 200hp Austro-Daimler engine.

The Jaray 4 blade propeller was built by Fokker at Schwerin.

Also fitted were two Schwarzlose M.16 MG’s.

The aircraft did not perform as well as expected but was still shipped to Matyasfold in Austria, 24 Apr 1918, and given the designation ‘90.05’.

V.22 remained a prototype as the Austrian’s decided to go with MAG built Fokker D.VII’s.

The MAG build D.VII’s had 225hp Austro-Daimler engines and Schwarzlose MG’s.

None of these aircraft were delivered in time for use but were later found in Hungarian service.


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