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Fokker F28 Fellowship

The Fokker F28 Fellowship is a twin-engine, short-range jet airliner.


F.28 Mk 1000 (F28-1000)

With a maximum capacity of 70 passengers, it was approved on 24 February 1969, the 1000C had a main-deck large cargo door.

F.28 Mk 2000 (F28-2000)

A Mark 1000 with a fuselage stretch of 57 in (1.4 m) in front of and 30 in (0.76 m) aft of the wing, 79 maximum passengers, it was approved on 30 August 1972.

Though it first flew on 28 April 1971, and successfully began revenue service with Nigeria Airways in October 1971, only 10 were built.

F.28 Mk 3000 (F28-3000)

A Mark 1000 with a 60 in (1.5 m) wingspan extension, it was approved on 19 July 1978, with a 3000C variant with a large main-deck cargo door.

A successful variant, featuring greater structural strength and increased fuel capacity, it began revenue service with Garuda Indonesia.

F.28 Mk 4000 (F28-4000)

Approved on 13 December 1976, it is built on the longer Mark 2000, with two over wing exits on both sides, a 60 in (1,500 mm) wingspan extension, and capacity for 85 passengers.

The first prototype appeared on 20 October 1976 and it began service with Linjeflyg (Sweden) at the end of the year.

F.28 Mk 5000 (F28-5000)

This was to combine the shorter fuselage of the Mk 3000 and an increased wingspan.

Leading edge slats were to be added to the wings and more powerful Rolls-Royce RB183 Mk555-15H engines were to be used.

Although expected to be an excellent plane to operate on short runways due to its superior power, the project was abandoned.

F.28 Mk 6000 (F28-6000)

It first flew on 27 September 1973, and had the longer fuselage of the Mk 2000/4000 with an increased wingspan and leading edge slats.





65 / 70, max 85


2 Turbofan Engines

Engine Model

Rolls-Royce RB.183 Spey Mk.555-15P

Engine Power (each)

43,8 Kn, 9850 lbf


859 km/h, 464 kts, 534 mph

Maximum speed

Mach 0.75

Service Ceiling

10.668 m, 35.000 ft


2.743 km, 1.481 NM, 1.704 mi.

Empty Weight

16.780 kg, 36.994 lbs

Max Take-off Weight

33.112 kg, 73.000 lbs

Max Landing Weight

29.030 kg, 64.000 lbs

Wing Span

25,07 m, 82 ft 3 in

Wing Area

79,0 m², 850 ft²


27,40 m, 89 ft 11 in


8,47 m 27 ft 9 in





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