Caudron Typhon

A prototype twin-engine high-speed bomber based on the C.640 mail-carrier, it accommodated a crew of three, intended armament was two 20mm cannons, one 7.5mm machine-gun and two bombs of either 100kg or 250kg depending on target distance, performance was similar to C.640, dimensions and weights slightly increased, the provisional service serial FW-006 was given, the project was soon abandoned.


Modification C. 670


14.80 m

The length of the aircraft

11.60 m

The height of the plane

 3.00 m

Wing area

28.00 m2

Weight, kg   

Empty plane

2127 m

Maximum take-off

3704 m

Engine type

2 DD Renault 454


2 x 220 hp

Top speed

405 km/h

Cruise speed

382 km/h

Practical range

 7640 km

Practical ceiling

 7000 m




Two 20mm HS9 cannons,

One 7.5mm MAC-34 Machine gun,


200 kg, 500 kg in overload.

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