CAC CA-14 Super Boomerang

The CA-14 was to have an R2000 engine (1,425HP) with cooling fan installed.

CSIRO documents held show this engine and fan under test, it was never installed due to problems with valves.

The CA-14 always operated with the R1830-90B engine installed.

What is known from CAC papers is that CAC had established that the standard R1830 engine Boomerang with Turbo Supercharger would perform better than the new Wright engine aircraft with 1700HP engine only.

The CA-14 had a 10 bladed cooling fan behind the propeller.

True, but the design by CAC originally only had 5 blades. According to CAC papers, Defence personnel required the number of blades increased to 10 by installing an extra blade between the existing blades.

Interestingly CSIRO reports held show from their testing that they believed that the 5-blade configuration proved to be the better application.

The CA-14 fan is operated by epicyclical gearing; the propeller shaft being extended 3.5 inches to accommodate the fan assembly.

After the war this aircraft did some work for the Meteorological Bureau taking high altitude weather observations.

stored until 11/3/49 then issued to DAP, struck off charge on that date.










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