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Boeing C-22 (727)

The Boeing 727 is an American narrow body airliner.


Boeing C-22A

A single 727-30 acquired from the Federal Aviation Administration, this aircraft was originally delivered to Lufthansa.

It served mostly with United States Southern Command flying from Panama City / Howard Air Force Base.

Boeing C-22B

Four 727-35 aircraft were acquired from National Airlines by the United States Air Force for transporting Air National Guard and National Guard personnel.



3 x Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9, 14,500 lb thrust.

153 ft. 2 in.

34 ft.

108 ft.
Wing area

1,700 sq.ft.
Wing loading

107 lb/sq.ft.
Power loading

3.91 lb/lb.
Operating weight

100,840 lbs.
Useful load

72,160 lbs.
Payload with full fuel

17,957 lbs.
Maximum taxi weight

173,000 lbs.
Maximum brake release weight

172,600 lbs.
Usable fuel

54,203 lbs.
Maximum landing weight

150,000 lbs.
Zero fuel weight

136,000 lbs.
Maximum rate of climb

2,500 fpm.
One-engine-out rate of climb

1,000 fpm.
One-engine-out climb gradient at 213 kt (Vy)

4.6 degrees.
Service ceiling

36,000 ft.
Certificated ceiling

42,000 ft.
One-engine-out ceiling

23,000 ft.
Maximum speed

549 kts.
Maximum cruise speed

514 kts.
Economy cruise speed

495 kts.
Duration to dry tanks, max cruise

4.5 hrs.
Duration to dry tanks, econ cruise

5.2 hrs.
Stall speed, clean

165 kts.
Stall speed, full flaps

100 kts.
Cabin pressurization differential

8.6 psi.

Freight cap

44,068 lb.


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