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Bell Model 65 Air Test Vehicle (ATV)

The Bell Model 65 Air Test Vehicle (ATV) was an experimental tilt-jet VTOL aircraft constructed by Bell using components from various general aviation aircraft.

The fuselage came from a Schweizer 1-23 glider, the wings from a Cessna 170, and the landing gear from a Bell 47 helicopter.

It was equipped with two Fairchild J44 turbojet engines, each producing 1,000 lbf (4.4 kN) of thrust, commonly used in drones, missiles, and for JATO purposes, mounted on either side of the aircraft beneath the wings.

These engines could pivot from a horizontal to a vertical position.

Additionally, a Turbomeca Palouste turbo compressor fed small thrusters located at the tail and wingtips, providing a reaction control system for hover stability.


Bell Aircraft Since 1935-Alain J. Pelletier.

Bell ATV (Air Test Vehicle), 1954 (


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