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Avro 626 Prefect

The Avro 626 is a single engine British biplane trainer aircraft produced by Avro during the (1918-1939) inter-war period.


Avro 626

Two seat multi purpose aircraft

Avro Prefect 

RAF and RNZAF name for the 626.

All RNZAF Prefects had three cockpits.

All the RAF machines were two seat navigational training aircraft without the third cockpit installed

Avro 637 

Armed patrol version of the Avro 626.

Pilot had a .303 in (7.7 mm) Vickers machine gun mounted on the fuselage while the observer/gunner was armed with a .303 in (7.7 mm) Lewis Gun on an Avro low drag mounting.

This variant featured a slightly larger wingspan with rounded wingtips.

Eight aircraft were sold to the Kwangsi Air Force in China.

Tatra T.126 

Licence built 626, manufactured in Czechoslovakia, two versions proposed

One with 355 hp (265 kW) Avia Rk. 17 and export version for Turkey and the Balkans with a 260 hp (190 kW)

Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah V 

Only one built, possibly never flown because of the Munich crisis as the factory was in the territory occupied by Germany.





26 ft 6 in (8.08 m)


34 ft 0 in (10.36 m)


9 ft 7 in (2.92 m)

Wing area

300 sq ft (28 m2)

Empty weight

1,765 lb (801 kg)

Gross weight

2,750 lb (1,247 kg)


1 × Armstrong Siddeley Lynx IVC, 7 cylinder air cooled radial piston engine,

210 hp (160 kW)


2 bladed fixed pitch propeller


Maximum speed

112 mph (180 km/h, 97 kn)

Cruise speed

95 mph (153 km/h, 83 kn)


240 mi (390 km, 210 nmi)

Service ceiling

14,800 ft (4,500 m)

Rate of climb

880 ft/min (4.5 m/s).



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