Avia S-199

The Avia S-199 is a propeller driven fighter aircraft built after World War II, notable as the first fighter obtained by the Israeli Air Force, and used during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

Constructed in Czechoslovakia, with parts and plans left over from Luftwaffe aircraft production, the aircraft had numerous problems and was generally unpopular with its pilots.

Israeli agents negotiated the purchase of Avia S-199s from the Czechoslovak government in defiance of an arms embargo that Israel faced at the time.

Twenty five aircraft were obtained and all but two were eventually delivered.

The price for a fully equipped plane was $190,000.

The first examples arrived on 20 May 1948, six days after Israel’s declaration of independence and five days after the commencement of hostilities by Egypt.

Forming Israel’s first fighter squadron, they were assembled and sent into combat for the first time on May 29, attacking the Egyptian army between Isdud and the Ad Halom bridge, south of Tel Aviv.

A few days later, on 3 June, taking off from Herzliya Airport the type scored the Israeli Air Force’s first aerial victories when Modi Alon shot down a pair of Royal Egyptian Air Force C-47s which had just bombed Tel Aviv.

The type proved unreliable and performed poorly in combat.

The type scored victories over its opponents, including the Spitfire.

The Avia’s were mostly withheld from service by the end of October, at which time only six remained operational.

The S-199 continued making sporadic sorties until mid-December.


Avia S-99

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 variant assembled post-war in Czechoslovakia.

Avia factory designation was C.10, 21 aircraft completed.

Avia CS-99

Training variant of Avia S-99 based on the Messerschmitt Bf 109G-12 variant.

Avia factory designation was C.10, 23 aircraft completed.

Avia S-199

Avia S-99, powered by Junkers Jumo 211F engine, main production variant.

Avia factory designation was C.210, 559 aircraft completed.

Avia CS-199

Two seat training variant rebuilt from Avia S-199.

Avia D-199

Reconnaissance version.





8.94 m (29 ft 4 in)


9.92 m (32 ft 7 in)


2.59 m (8 ft 6 in)

Wing area

16.5 m2 (178 sq ft)



NACA 2R1 14.2;


NACA 2R1 11.35

Empty weight

2,860 kg (6,305 lb)

Max take-off weight

3,736 kg (8,236 lb)


1 × Junkers Jumo 211F, V-12 inverted liquid cooled piston engine,

1,010 kW (1,350 hp) for take-off

790 kW (1,060 hp) at 5,300 m (17,388 ft)


3 bladed paddle bladed VS 11 constant speed propeller


Maximum speed

528 km/h (328 mph, 285 kn) at sea level

598 km/h (372 mph; 323 kn) at 6,000 m (19,685 ft)


860 km (530 mi, 460 nmi)

Rate of climb

13.7 m/s (2,700 ft/min)

Wing loading

231 kg/m2 (47 lb/sq ft)


0.195 hp/lb (0.321 kW/kg)



2 × 13 mm MG 131 machine guns

2 × MG 151/20 cannon


1× 250 kg (551 lb)

4× 70 kg (155 lb)


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