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Arado Ar 66

The Arado Ar 66, a twin-seat training biplane, was meticulously designed and manufactured by the esteemed German aircraft manufacturer Arado.

This remarkable aircraft, which marked the final collaboration between aeronautical engineer Walter Rethel and Arado, emerged as a military trainer during the early 1930s.

Its maiden flight in 1932 showcased its exceptional capabilities, surpassing those of its two competitors and earning it the prestigious role of meeting the training requirements of the Luftwaffe.

Apart from its primary function of flight training, the versatile Ar 66 was also employed for aerobatics, night-time instruction, and the training of various air crew positions, including bombardiers, radio operators, aerial photographers, and machine gun operators.

The Ar 66 was manufactured by various companies under license to meet the high demand for this aircraft.

Apart from the Luftwaffe, which first adopted the model in 1933, the Czechoslovakian Air Force and Spanish Air Force also utilised a considerable number of Ar 66s.

Furthermore, this versatile aircraft could be utilised both on land and as a float plane.

The Ar 66 continued to serve throughout the duration of the Second World War.

Moreover, the Luftwaffe employed it in active combat on the Eastern Front, where Ar 66s frequently carried out night ground-attack missions.

8.3 m (27 ft 3 in)
10 m (32 ft 10 in)
2.93 m (9 ft 7 in)
Wing area
29.63 m2 (318.9 sq ft)
Aspect ratio
Empty weight
905 kg (1,995 lb)
Max take-off weight
1,330 kg (2,932 lb)
Fuel capacity
Main tank
172 l (45 US gal; 38 imp gal);
Reserve tank
33 l (8.7 US gal; 7.3 imp gal);
Oil tank
17 l (4.5 US gal; 3.7 imp gal)
1 × Argus As 10C, inverted V-8 air-cooled piston engine,
179 kW (240 hp)
2 bladed wooden fixed pitch propellers,
2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) diameter
Maximum speed
210 km/h (130 mph, 110 kn) at sea level
Cruise speed
175 km/h (109 mph, 94 kn) at optimum altitude
Landing Speed
80 km/h (50 mph; 43 kn)
716 km (445 mi, 387 nmi)
4.1 hours
Service ceiling
4,500 m (14,800 ft)
Rate of climb
4.333 m/s (853.0 ft/min)
Time to altitude
1,000 m (3,300 ft) in 4.1 minutes
Wing loading
45 kg/m2 (9.2 lb/sq ft)
7.44 kg/kW (12.24 lb/hp)
Fuel consumption
26.7 l (7.1 US gal; 5.9 imp gal) / 100 km (62 mi)
Oil consumption
0.86 l (0.23 US gal; 0.19 imp gal) / 100 km (62 mi)
2 kg (4.4 lb)
4 kg (8.8 lb) anti-personnel bombs.
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