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Antonov Taqnia An-132

The Antonov Taqnia An-132 was a refined iteration of the Antonov An-32 twin-engine turboprop military transport aircraft, developed through a collaborative effort between Saudi Arabia and Ukraine.

The An-132 is set to be equipped with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150 turboprop engines, Honeywell avionics, a Liebherr air management system, and a Hamilton Sundstrand-supplied Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).

The prototype was unveiled in Kyiv on 20 December 2016, and subsequently underwent its maiden flight from Antonov’s factory at Sviatoshyn Airfield to their test centre at Antonov Airport on 31 March 2017.

Deliveries are slated to commence in 2018, with an approximate cost of $30 million per aircraft and a projected production total of 260-295 aircraft by 2035 from Ukrainian and Saudi production lines. Regrettably, the project was terminated in April 2019.



9,200 kg (20,300 lb) cargo, 75 troops, 27 stretchers.


24.53 m (80 ft 6 in)


29.20 m (95 ft 10 in)


8.80 m (28 ft 10 in)

Max take-off weight

28,500 kg (62,832 lb)


2 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150A turboprops,

3,781 kW (5,071 shp) each


Six-bladed Dowty Propellers R408,

4.11 m (13 ft 6 in) diameter


Cruise speed

550 km/h (340 mph, 300 kn)


4,400 km (2,700 mi, 2,400 nmi)

Service ceiling

9,000 m (30,000 ft).


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