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Antonov An-12

The Antonov An-12 is a four-engine turboprop transport aircraft designed in the Soviet Union.

It is the military version of the Antonov An-10 and has many variants.

For more than three decades the An-12 was the standard medium-range cargo and paratroop transport aircraft of the Soviet air forces.

A total of 1,248 were eventually built.

Developed from the Antonov An-8, the An-12 was a military version of the An-10 passenger transport.

The first prototype An-12 flew in December 1957 and entered Soviet military service in 1959.

Initially, the aircraft was produced at the State Aviation Factory in Irkutsk.

From 1962, production was transferred to Tashkent, where 830 were built.

Later, production moved to Voronezh and Kazan.

In military use, the An-12 has capacity for up to 100 fully equipped paratroopers or 20,000 kg (44,090 lb) of cargo, which is loaded through the rear loading ramp/door.

In terms of configuration, size, and capability, the aircraft is similar to the United States-built Lockheed C-130 Hercules.

Soviet military and former-Soviet An-12s have a defensive tail gun turret.





20,000 kg (44,092 lb) payload

60 paratroopers

2x BMD-1 armoured vehicles


33.1 m (108 ft 7 in)


38 m (124 ft 8 in)


10.53 m (34 ft 7 in)

Wing area

121.7 m2 (1,310 sq ft)

Empty weight

28,000 kg (61,729 lb)

Max take-off weight

61,000 kg (134,482 lb)


4 × Ivchenko AI-20L or AI-20M turboprop engines,

3,000 kW (4,000 shp) each equivalent


4-bladed constant-speed reversible-pitch propellers


Maximum speed

660 km/h (410 mph, 360 kn)

Cruise speed

570 km/h (350 mph, 310 kn)


5,700 km (3,500 mi, 3,100 nmi) with maximum fuel

3,600 km (2,200 mi; 1,900 nmi) with maximum payload

Service ceiling

10,200 m (33,500 ft)

Rate of climb

10 m/s (2,000 ft/min)



2 × 23 mm (0.906 in) Nudelman-Rikhter NR-23 cannons in a tail turret.


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