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Ansaldo Licenced Built Aircraft

Ansaldo Licensed Built Aircraft.

Ansaldo Baby 


Single seat biplane reconnaissance floatplane, a British Sopwith Baby built under license with minor changes.

Ansaldo AC.2 


The Dewoitine D.1 was demonstrated in several countries.

Italy purchased one, but then constructed 112 of their own version under the designation Ansaldo AC.2.

Ansaldo AC.3


The Dewoitine D.9 was a French monoplane fighter built by Dewoitine and built under licence in Italy as the Ansaldo AC.3.

The biggest achievement of the type was an order to license build 150 aircraft for the Italian Regia Aeronautica, built by Ansaldo as the Ansaldo AC.3.

The type served into the 1930s with the Italian forces.

Ansaldo AC.4 


A direct descendant of the AC.2 the AC.4 replaced the Hispano-Suiza V-8 engine with a 310 kW (420 hp) FIAT A.20 V-12 engine.

1st Flown in 1927 with only one being built.





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