The ANBO II was a parasol-wing monoplane aircraft built in Lithuania in 1927 as a pilot trainer for the Army.

It was eventually re-equipped with a more powerful engine for the Aero Club of Lithuania in 1931 before being written off in a crash in 1934.

A full size flying replica was built between 2012-2016 by Rolandas Kalinauskas and Arvydas Šabrinskas.

Due to difficulties in obtaining an original Walter engine, a Russian-made Shvetsov M-11 engine, having similar parameters, was used.

The test flight of the restored Anbo II took place 18 October 2016.

The aircraft was based in Pociūnai airfield, Lithuania and was mostly used for air shows with both constructors dressing in Lithuanian Air Force uniforms of the 1920s-1930s.

During 2021 Arvydas Šabrinskas crashed and died while flying the ANBO II over Cesis Airfield, Priekuļi, Latvia.

At an altitude of 20-30 meters, the engine stalled causing the aircraft to crash.





6.75 m (22 ft 2 in)


10.72 m (35 ft 2 in)

Wing area

20 m2 (215 sq ft)

Empty weight

280 kg (620 lb)

Gross weight

550 kg (1,210 lb)


1 × Walter NZ 60 , 45 kW (60 hp)


Maximum speed

160 km/h (100 mph, 87 kn)

Service ceiling

3,500 m (11,500 ft)

Rate of climb

2.1 m/s (410 ft/min)

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