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Amiot AAC.1 Toucan

The A.A.C. 1 Toucan was a Post-war French version of Junkers g11e(Ju-52).

The AAC.1 was identical in all structural and mechanical regards to a late-WWII production Ju-52; in fact the first Toucans used leftover WWII-made Ju-52 parts.

The designation AAC.1 was more or less meaningless; with AAC itself basically considered a made-for-the-purpose entity of building Ju-52s and no real future envisioned beyond that.

Externally it was hard to differentiate between a post-war AAC.1 Toucan and a wartime Ju-52.

The AAC.1s had a blade antenna which replaced the original RDF loop.

The blade antenna was later replaced by an internal radiogoniometer or an external compass.

The French navy’s air arm operated 51 of the 443 Toucans built.

The French navy never called the AAC.1 by ‘Toucan’, Instead they were called ‘Julie’.






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