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Albatros B.III

The Albatros B.III (L.5) was a German World War I reconnaissance biplane manufactured by Albatros Flugzeugwerke under the designation Albatros LDD.

It was the final unarmed reconnaissance two-seater produced by the company and served as a precursor to the significant armed reconnaissance biplane, the C.III.

The modifications from its predecessors were relatively minor, with the most notable change being the introduction of the typical Albatros tail design featuring a rounded rudder.

Overall, the B.III closely resembled the B.II.

Although the B.III was manufactured in limited quantities in 1915, it became evident that reconnaissance aircraft needed to be equipped with armaments.

Subsequently, Albatros developed the C.I, which was derived from the earlier B.II, before progressing to the C.III.

While the Albatros C.III was essentially an armed variant of the B.III with some additional modifications, only a few components were interchangeable between the two aircraft.





7.8 m (25 ft 7 in)


11 m (36 ft 1 in)


3.15 m (10 ft 4 in)

Wing area

40.12 m2 (432 sq ft)

Empty weight

723 kg (1,594 lb)

Gross weight

1,071 kg (2,361 lb)


1 × Mercedes D.II inline piston


1 x Daimler D I,


1 x Daimler D II,


1 x Argus As II


1 x Bz III

90 kW (120 hp)


Maximum speed

120 km/h (75 mph, 65 kn)


4 hours

Service ceiling

3,000 m (9,840 ft).

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