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Agusta-Bell AB 212

The Agusta/Bell AB 212 is a licensed built version of the Bell UH-1N.

Agusta-Bell AB 212

Civil or military utility transport helicopter, manufactured under licence in Italy by Agusta.

Agusta-Bell AB 212EW

Electronic warfare version for Turkey.

Agusta-Bell AB 212ASW

The AB 212 helicopter, specialised for anti-submarine and anti-shipping warfare, is manufactured under licence in Italy by Agusta.

It is used by the navies of Italy, Greece, Iran, Peru, Spain, Turkey, and Venezuela.

The AB 212ASW variant, based on the Model 212 Twin Huey, features a distinctive radome above the cockpit, which was dome-shaped in early models and flatter in later ones.

It is equipped with a winch on the left side for deploying the Bendix ASQ-18 sonar.

Enhancements include structural reinforcements to support a gross weight of 11,197 lbs (5080 kg), electronic countermeasures (ECM), deck tie-down points for shipboard operations, and corrosion protection.

For anti-submarine warfare, it can carry two Mk 44 or Mk 46 torpedoes or two depth charges, and for targeting ships, it can be armed with four AS.12 wire-guided air-to-surface missiles.


Crew (AB-212)

Pilot, co-pilot, 5 passengers


Pilot, co-pilot, 2 operators


14,02 meters

Rotor diameter

14,5 meters


4,53 meters

Max. take-off weight

5080 kilograms


2 × Pratt & Whitney PT-6T-3 turboshaft engines (2000 hp)

Maximum speed

130 knots (240 km/h)


360 NM (667 km)


15000 feet (4570 m)


1 x 7,62mm MG


12,7mm MG / Mk-46 Torpedoes (ASW)


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