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The DV.3, a prototype fighter aircraft constructed and trialled by AGO in 1915, featured a traditional two-bay biplane design and a sleekly cowled engine.

AGO’s focus on producing reconnaissance planes caused delays in the DV.3’s development.

Unfortunately, upon its first flight, the aircraft’s performance fell significantly short of expectations, leading to the project’s ultimate abandonment.

Three aircraft were constructed and subsequently acquired by the German Navy under serial numbers S.56-S.58 for their land-based air service.

S 56 (Factory Number 140) was equipped with a 100 HP Gnome engine (Number 3230).

It was taken into service by the Navy on 01.12.1914 and operated at Johannisthal until 02/1915.

Unfortunately, on 11.02.1915, the aircraft crashed from a height of 80 metres at Adlershof, resulting in complete destruction of the plane and severe injuries to the pilot.

S 57 (Factory Number 80) featured a 100 HP Gnome engine (Number 3295).

Accepted by the navy on 10.12.1914, it was stationed at Johannisthal until 13.03.1915, when it was returned to AGO for modifications.

Subsequently, on 27.05.1915, it was transferred to LFS Wilhelmshaven, where it remained in service until 09/1915.

The final fate of this aircraft remains unknown.

S 58 (Factory Number 125) was officially taken over by the navy on 23.09.1915 and operated at Johannisthal.

Unfortunately, no further information is available regarding this aircraft.





6.2 m (20 ft 4 in)


8.5 m (27 ft 11 in)


2.46 m (8 ft 1 in)

Wing area

16.1 m2 (173 sq ft)

Empty weight

445 kg (980 lb)

Gross weight

760 kg (1,680 lb)


1 × Oberursel U.I,

74 kW (99 hp)


Maximum speed

150 km/h (90 mph, 78 kn)


1.5 hours

Service ceiling

4,000 m (13,000 ft).

AGO-Flugzeugwerke Oschersleben-U Schmidt.
Otto, AGO, and BFW Aircraft of WWI-Jack Herris.
German Aircraft of the First World War-O Thetford & P Gray.



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