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AGO Flugzeugwerke made a final effort to enhance the SOD S.IV reconnaissance aircraft in early 1918 with the creation of a prototype called the C-IX.

After encountering a setback with the Mercedes D.IV, the designers reverted back to the reliable Benz Bz.IV engine.

Modifications were once again made to the wings of the aircraft, and efforts were made to enhance the aerodynamics of the fuselage.

Unfortunately, like all previous attempts, this Endeavor proved unsuccessful.
The military did not approve of the aircraft.

For a period of time, the prototype was utilized by the company to conduct tests on various engine radiators.

AGO-Flugzeugwerke Oschersleben-U Schmidt.
Otto, AGO, and BFW Aircraft of WWI-Jack Herris.
German Aircraft of the First World War-O Thetford & P Gray.


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