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Aeronautica Lombarda AL.12P

The Aeronautica Lombarda AL.12P, developed in 1942, was a transport and assault glider that never progressed beyond the prototype stage.

It featured a two-seat monoplane design with a high mounted wing that had a mono-spar structure, variable thickness, and strong elongation.

The fuselage was constructed with a wooden shell structure, reinforced by a trellis of steel tubes in the front section, and plywood cladding.

The aircraft had a traditional single drift empennage with cantilevered horizontal planes covered in plywood.

The landing gear included main legs with oleoelastic shock absorbers and an adjustable tailwheel.

In the assault version, there was a landing pad in the ventral position.

The cargo compartment could accommodate 14 equipped men or 1200 kg of goods, with hatches on both sides for easy exit.

The front section of the fuselage could rotate completely on two hinges, opening on the right side.




12 fully equipped troops

14.02 m (46 ft 0 in)

21.34 m (70 ft 0 in)

3.4 m (11 ft)
Wing area

50.7 m2 (546 sq ft)
Empty weight

1,588 kg (3,500 lb)
Gross weight

2,812 kg (6,200 lb) 
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