Aerocraft Stealth Star

The American Aircraft International Penetrator was a military helicopter prototype conceived in 1990 as a gunship conversion of the Bell UH-1 Iroquois, aimed at ground insertion, close support and counter-insurgency roles.

Only 1 single Bell UH-1 was used to convert to the 3 models making this the most rebuilt Bell air frame to date.

Named The Aggressor, The Penetrator, The Stealth Star.

A single prototype was built in 1991 but the manufacturer never won any contracts for production.

It was first designed by the American Aircraft Corporation (AAC) and was marketed by a separate company, American Aircraft International (AAI).

The prototype aircraft was overhauled by Lt. Col Robert Laura’s  ‘Aerocraft R&D & Kulair’ in 2004 and is now known as the Stealth Star.


Main rotor Diameter 

44 ft

Tail Rotor Diameter

9 ft.

Fuselage Length

48 ft.

Maximum Height

13.66 ft.

Wing Span

20 ft.

Wheel Track (Skids)

8.5 ft.

Wheel Track (Landing Gear)

12 ft.


Empty Weight

5,200 lbs.

Maximum Internal Fuel

1,600 lbs.



800 lbs

Maximum Ordnance

2,500 lbs.

Cabin Payload

1,600 lbs.

Cabin Payload

8 soldiers

Max. Gross Take Off Weight

9,500 lbs.


Hover In Ground Effect

13,600 ft.

Hover Out Ground Effect

4,000 ft.

Rate of Climb

1,800 fpm.

Cruise Speed

130 kts.

Maximum Speed

150 kts.

Maximum Range

400 nm.

Maximum Endurance

3.5 hrs.



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