Curtiss XP-62

The Curtiss XP-62 was a prototype single-engine interceptor aircraft, that was built at the request of the United States Army Air Forces, by the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. It first flew in 1943. Relatively unusual objectives of the design, for its time, included superior high-altitude performance, which was to be assisted by a pressurized cockpit, heavier armament than contemporary USAAF fighter aircraft, in the form of four 20 mm autocannons, and higher speeds, at all altitudes, than other contemporary fighters. A key physical feature of the XP-62, in terms of the above objectives, was its relatively large and powerful engine, an 18-cylinder Wright R-3350 Duplex-Cyclone.

Wingspan  16.35m
Length  12.05m
Height  4.04m
Wing area  39.02m2
empty plane  5345kg
normal takeoff  6650kg
Maximum take-off  7560kg
Engine type1 DD Wright R-3350-17 Duplex Cyclone
Power1 x 2300hp
Top speed 
At altitude  721kph
Low altitude  576kph
Cruise speed  616kph
Practical range  2414km
Short-lifting  663m/min
Practical ceiling  10882m
Crew  1
Weapons8 x 20mm guns


Curtiss Wright Corporation

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